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Toyota Lease Return

Approach your lease-end with confidence


You may be wondering "what happens at the end of my lease?" In the months before your lease comes to an end, you’ll receive several communications from us about your options and obligations. During this time, you can choose a path that best fits your needs and lifestyle. Choose from the following options to find out what to expect:



Remember to review our Wear and Use Guidelines, which will help you understand what to expect should you choose to turn in your vehicle. You can also download the lease-end brochure for more details about what to expect at the end of your lease. And if you choose to lease a new Toyota, make sure to consider the Excess Wear & Use Protection Plan.

Whether you want to experience more of what you love about your Toyota, or you’re set on staying behind the wheel of your existing vehicle, we're here to make the move as easy and convenient as possible.

For more information about the choices at the end of your lease, contact your local Toyota dealer or call one of our lease-end specialists at (800) 286-0652.