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New Tire Installation near Mount Vernon


New Tire Installation near Mount Vernon

The transmission is responsible for helping your car run smoothly, so it is important that this part of your car is in good condition at all times. If you feel that it is time to replace or fix your transmission, Foothills Toyota is offering Transmission Repair near Mount Vernon.

Get Your Transmission Repaired near Mount Vernon

You don't have to be a car expert to know that something is wrong with your car. You will know that there is problem with your transmission if you notice that it will not switch into the proper gear when you want it to. The transmission fluid may be low, and that could be what is causing the problem.

Transmission fluid is a bright red lubricant that is supposed to smell sweet. If you smell something burning, this could mean that your transmission has overheated. The transmission fluid keeps all of the transmission parts lubricated and cooled down. Our mechanics at Foothills Toyota will help keep your transmission fluid at the proper level.

If your car makes noise even when you have it in neutral, it may be a problem with the transmission. Replacing the transmission fluid could be a fix to the problem, but if there are several noises coming from the transmission, this could mean that there is a far more serious problem.

Transmission Repair by Factory-Trained Mechanics

Our technicians at Foothills Toyota have been trained by the manufacturer. That means that they are the most qualified candidates to take care of your car. Other mechanics are only out to make a profit. At Foothills Toyota, we would like to welcome your repeat business, and that is why we won't draw you into getting services that you do not need.

While our staff performs Transmission Repair near Mount Vernon, our showroom of new vehicles is just a short walk away. Maybe you are ready for a change. Maybe you are ready for a hybrid car that is fuel-efficient and good for the environment. Perhaps you are thinking about getting a full-size pick-up to help you on the job site as you haul heavy cargo all day.

To find out more about Transmission Repair near Mount Vernon, please call Foothills Toyota at 360-757-7575. You can also schedule an appointment in person by stopping by 1881 Bouslog Road, Burlington, WA 98233.

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