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Auto Mileage Maintenance near Anacortes


Auto Mileage Maintenance near Anacortes

When we get wrapped up in the stresses of everyday life, it is easy to forget some things. It's even easier to take things for granted when we start to believe they will always be with us.

For the continued safety of you and your passengers, it is important to have your vehicle receive routine maintenance. In the owner's manual, the manufacturer of your car lays out clear intervals for when you should visit an auto shop.

Auto Mileage Maintenance

When you stop by Foothills Toyota for Auto Mileage Maintenance near Anacortes, our team of technicians will work together to get your car safely back on the road. Whether it's an oil change or a simple brake repair, we will find the problem and fix it in a timely manner.

Seemingly from the dawn of time, drivers have been told by quick service attendants that they must receive an oil change after every 3,000 miles of driving. While this may be true of older models, newer cars have advanced engines under their hoods which use synthetic oil.

Information about Our Auto Mileage Maintenance near Anacortes

Synthetic oil is stronger than the type your dad had to use when they was first learning how to drive. This oil will last longer – meaning that you don't have to return so often to get it changed by a mechanic. The average mechanic may still try and get you to come back after 3,000 miles, but by simply looking in your owner's manual, you can find out when the manufacturer says you should return.

Your Auto Mileage Maintenance near Anacortes may include having the battery replaced. Auto makers recommend that this vital component be replaced every 35,000 miles. And after 60,000 miles, it is recommended that you have the brake pads replaced. Depending on whether you drive on rough terrain or slick roads constantly, the brake pads may need to be replaced sooner than that. Once again, consult your owner's manual for details regarding your vehicle's maintenance schedule.

A Foothills Toyota, we are determined to help you stay safe while you are out on the road, and that is why all of the parts we sell are genuine Toyota products. Other dealers may try and sell you counterfeit items that look legitimate, but are actually inferior to the products that are endorsed by the manufacturer. You won't have that problem when you visit our service center.

Schedule an appointment for Auto Mileage Maintenance near Anacortes by calling Foothills Toyota at 360-757-7575. You can also visit our service center which is located at 1881 Bouslog Road, Burlington, WA 98233.

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