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Auto Repair near Mount Vernon


Auto Repair near Mount Vernon

Your family is your most important cargo, and when you press down on the brake pedal you would like to know that your car will behave as it should. The brake pads are a small part of an automobile, but they do one of the most important jobs. Our Service Center at Foothills Toyota offers award-winning service, and we are now helping customers with Auto Repair near Mount Vernon.

Check to See If You Need Auto Repair

There are a couple of ways for you to check whether or not you need a new set of brake pads. By peeking through the wheel's spokes, you should be able to see how much of the pad is left. If there is not at least a quarter of an inch remaining, it is time to bring your car into our Service Center. You may also hear audible warnings that your brakes are about to give out.

If you are driving around town and you hear a high-pitched squealing noise, that is your vehicle's indicator saying that it is time for you to receive Auto Repair near Mount Vernon. That indicator is designed to be heard while the windows are rolled up, but you may have a hard time hearing it if your music is too loud or if the air conditioner is running at full power.

Auto Repair Near Mount Vernon

The average mechanic you could find with an online inquiry will have the basic tools to do a reasonable repair job, but our technicians at Foothills Toyota have the tools that were specifically designed to repair your Toyota vehicle and get you safely back on the road. Our staff has been trained by the manufacturer to ensure that each member of our team will know how to diagnose the problems under the hood of your car in a timely manner.

Our technicians at Foothills Toyota are committed to fixing your car so that you can get back on the road. To schedule an appointment for Auto Repair near Mount Vernon, please call our Service Center at 360-757-7575, or stop by 1881 Bouslog Road, Burlington, WA 98233. If you're busy multitasking at work and don't have time to call us, you can schedule an appointment online by clicking on the "Schedule Appointment" tab.

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