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Brake Inspection near Anacortes


Brake Inspection near Anacortes

If you're driving down the highway at top speed (approximately 60 mph) with the windows rolled down – enjoying the cool summer breeze – it will take about the length of a football field for you to come to a complete stop once you slam on your brakes.

Of course, that is only if your brakes are working properly. When you bring your vehicle in to receive a Brake Inspection near Anacortes, our technicians at Foothills Toyota will test your vehicle to see if the braking system is working at its maximum potential. If the system isn't functioning properly, we will recommend to you what action should follow.

Brake Inspection

The brakes may not seem like a major part of a vehicle, but they are one of its most vital components. Your car may give you an obvious notification such as a brake light – notifying you that it is time to take your car in to be seen by a professional. However, there are some not-so-obvious signs that may prove to you that the brakes need to be replaced.

Your vehicle's brake pads will show signs of wear once you have driven for quite some time. Driving on rough surfaces or roads that are often wet will affect them in different ways. Consult your owner's manual to see when the manufacturer recommends that the pads get replaced.

See Us for a Brake Inspection near Anacortes

An easy way to check if you need new brake pads is to see how thick they currently are. If you have the time, look between the spokes of your wheel and you will see the pads. If they are not at least one-quarter of an inch thick – you need new brake pads. Some cars are designed where you cannot look through the spokes of the tires. In that case, you may need to remove the tire entirely to see how the brake pads are operating.

Our technicians are trained to know all of the details of Toyota models. When you stop by to receive a Brake Inspection near Anacortes, we will closely examine your vehicle's braking system to ensure that you and your passengers will be safe when you hit the road.

Foothills Toyota is conveniently located at 1881 Bouslog Road, Burlington, WA 98233. Call us at 360-757-7575 to schedule an appointment for a Brake Inspection near Anacortes. You can also schedule an appointment by filling out our online service request form.

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