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Oil and Filter Change near Anacortes


Oil and Filter Change near Anacortes

When your dad was in school, Pluto was a planet, gasoline was less than a dollar per gallon and you needed to get your vehicle's oil changed every 3,000 miles of use.

What may have been true in your dad or granddad's day may not be true at the present time.

To find out if your vehicle is in need of an Oil and Filter Change near Anacortes, please stop by Foothills Toyota and a member of our service department will help answer any questions you have about your vehicle.

Oil and Filter Change

Older vehicles could still benefit from abiding by the 3,000 mile rule, but if your car was produced within the last few years, the interval for required maintenance has most likely lengthened.

On average, these shops that offer quick oil changes only want to change your oil in a fast manner so that they can receive a quick turnaround of business. In essence, they are like a fast food restaurant. They tell you to come back after 3,000 miles of driving so that they get more money out of you.

Importance of a Oil and Filter Change near Anacortes

However, this magic number of 3,000 is not what it used to be. Thanks to advancements in the production of engine oil, the time between needed oil changes has increased. Unlike the oil used when your dad was younger, today's oil is stronger and can withstand the heat of the engine for longer periods of time. Another factor that has led to longer intervals between visits to the repair shop is the fact that auto manufacturers are using synthetic oil in the creation of their new lineups.

Before you stop by to get an Oil and Filter Change near Anacortes, take a few minutes to consult with your owner's manual to see if you need to visit a service department yet. If you have misplaced your owner's manual, many manufacturers have now uploaded digital copies of this document onto their main webpage. Simply fill out the necessary information (make, model and year), and you can receive the information you have been looking for.

Why take your car to a shop where the mechanic doesn't know the intricacies of your model. Our technicians at Foothills Toyota have been trained to know every detail about your Toyota vehicle. The parts we offer are genuine and they were designed to work properly with your car.

Call Foothills Toyota at 360-757-7575 to schedule a service appointment. You can also visit our service center at 1881 Bouslog Road, Burlington, WA 98233, and a member of our team will help you receive an Oil and Filter Change near Anacortes.

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