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Toyota 90,000 Mile Maintenance near Anacortes


Toyota 90,000 Mile Maintenance near Anacortes

When the mileage of your Toyota vehicle hits 90,000, your Toyota vehicle will require more care and maintenance than ever before. This is because by the time your vehicle gets to this mileage, a good number of critical parts will require replacement. This will also vary with the kind of work your vehicle has been doing in that time; the heavier the work, the more the wear and tear.

Unlike earlier maintenance intervals where just a visual inspection of parts would have sufficed, now a more thorough and detailed scrutinization of different parts needs to be carried out to ascertain whether they require repair or replacement. One service center that can competently handle such a high level of maintenance work on your Toyota vehicle is Foothills Toyota. We at Foothills Toyota have been in the business of servicing and maintaining Toyota vehicles for a many years, and in so doing, we have become experts in these services. Our experienced and certified technicians have done 90,000 mile maintenance work on different Toyota nameplates like the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Tundra, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Avalon, Toyota FJ Cruiser, and many more. Therefore, we at Foothills Toyota welcome you to come to our service center for Toyota 90,000 Mile Maintenance near Anacortes.

We at Foothills Toyota have a state-of-the-art service center that is well equipped to handle all manner of maintenance work on Toyota vehicles. It is also fully stocked with original Toyota parts and accessories to ensure that your vehicle gets the best. Our technicians will take their time inspecting and assessing your vehicle and will ensure that every sensitive part or problem is addressed. Some of the things that will be handled when you come to us for Toyota 90,000 Mile Maintenance near Anacortes include replacing of the air cabin filter, the engine air filter, the engine oil, and the engine oil filter. Inspection will also be done on the engine coolant, the fuel system, the braking system, the exhaust pipes, the differential oil, the radiator and condenser, the steering gearbox, steering linkage and boots, and the drive shaft boots, among many other parts.

For more information on the services your vehicle will get when you come for Toyota 90,000 Mile Maintenance near Anacortes, come to 1881 Bouslog Road, Burlington, WA 98233. You can also call us at 360-757-7575.

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