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Toyota Drive Belt Replacement near Bellingham


Toyota Drive Belt Replacement near Bellingham

Toyota Drive Belt Replacement near Bellingham at Foothills Toyota is a service that you cannot afford to ignore or postpone. Your vehicle’s drive belt does the work of driving several accessories that are attached to the engine; these accessories include the water pump, power-steering pump, alternator, and air conditioner compressor.

In some Toyota vehicles, one or two drive belts are used to drive these accessories; however, in more recent models, only one large drive belt called a serpentine belt is featured that drives all these accessories.

Quality Toyota Drive Belt Replacement

Just like many other parts in your Toyota vehicle, with constant usage, drive belts wear out over time. If your vehicle’s drive belt breaks, the accessories that were being driven by that drive belt will stop functioning; if the drive belt happens to be a serpentine belt, then you will lose the functioning of all the accessories.

In such a situation, your vehicle will not be able to function; your engine will overheat and cause engine damage because antifreeze will have stopped circulating, your vehicle’s battery will stop being charged by the alternator, and your vehicle’s steering will become quite stiff because of the failure of the power steering pump. Without a doubt, it would be very wise for you to schedule Toyota drive belt replacement at Foothills Toyota in order to avoid such a disastrous situation.

Quick Toyota Drive Belt Replacement near Bellingham

One major indication that you have worn out belts is squealing sounds when you start the engine or when making a sharp turn. A worn out belt also has cracks and splits, missing pieces, and damaged edges. When you bring your vehicle to Foothills Toyota for Toyota Drive Belt Replacement near Bellingham, the first thing our mechanics will do is thoroughly inspect the drive belt(s) in your vehicle and ascertain their current condition. If necessary, our mechanics will skillfully replace your old drive belts with a new, high quality drive belts. We at Foothills Toyota only stock original spare parts that we get directly from Toyota, so rest assured that you will get the best quality drive belts at Foothills Toyota.

At Foothills Toyota, you will also benefit from our quick services. Because of the skill and vast experience that our mechanics have, they will replace your vehicle’s drive belt in record time. So you will only have to wait for a few minutes as they do the replacement, after which you will be able to drive off back to work or back home in your Toyota vehicle. To schedule Toyota Drive Belt Replacement near Bellingham for your vehicle, call Foothills Toyota at 360-757-7575. You can also visit our dealership at 1881 Bouslog Road, Burlington, WA 98233.

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