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Toyota Oil Change near Oak Harbor


Toyota Oil Change near Oak Harbor

Engine oil is a vital component that ensures that your car's engine runs smoothly and without friction. This also increases the fuel efficiency of the engine. Then there is also brake oil which has to be changed once a while. Depending on the model, the oil is changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Though changing oil is not as complicated as other car maintenance jobs it is best to get the job done from a reliable mechanic. If you are looking for a reliable service for Toyota Oil Change near Oak Harbor then you can get in touch with Foothills Toyota.

This authorized Toyota showroom has a massive inventory of Toyota vehicles for competitive prices. However it also doubles as a repairs and service station with an experienced team of certified mechanics. The mechanics are well versed with all the repairs and maintenance jobs related to the Toyota car. you can simply take an appointment on phone and bring your Toyota to the service center on the given date and time.

Process of oil change

The first thing that the mechanic will do is check the quality and quantity of oil by using dipstick. If they finds that the oil has turned blackish in color or the level has decreased then they will replace it with new oil. However the old oil is properly drained and the oil filter is also replaced with a new one. The old oil is sent for recycling. Foothills Toyota only uses genuine oil for Toyota Oil Change near Oak Harbor. This oil has been approved by Toyota. The new oil is poured slowly in the engine and then the knob is turned tight.

Toyota Oil Change near Oak Harbor

The oil changing process does not take more than 1-2 hours. your Toyota vehicle will be returned on the same day. The new oil is a great combatant to oil deposit build up. A printed invoice of Toyota Oil Change near Oak Harbor is given to the customer when they comes back to take his car. Apart from oil change other routine maintenance tasks are also undertaken and these include checking tire pressure, checking and if necessary, replacing brake oil, etc

Foothills Toyota is known for its quality service and competitive prices. No wonder, it receives customers from nearby cities such as Anacortes, Edmonds, Oak Harbor and Everett.

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