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Toyota Oil Change near Skagit Valley


Toyota Oil Change near Skagit Valley

Though many car owners would like to save money and do oil change on their own, it is better to give the job to a reliable mechanic. Oil change is an integral part of the scheduled maintenance job or vehicle servicing. you don't end up paying a lot of money for oil change.

If you are looking for a Toyota Oil Change near Skagit Valley then you should make an appointment with the service department of Foothills Toyota. The service department has professional and reliable mechanics who are experts at doing all types of Toyota repair and service jobs. They are well-versed with all the precautionary measures to be taken during servicing of your Toyota vehicle.

The oil changing procedure

Bring your vehicle in for your Toyota Oil Change near Skagit Valley. The team will first see to it that the car's ignition is off but the engine is warm. They will lift the hood and then insert a dipstick in the engine compartment to check the level and quality of oil. If either one of them or both of these factors are not up to the mark then they will go ahead and do the oil change. They will get the new oil along with a pan, newspaper and new oil filter.

The next step is to find the oil pan under the hood. The bolt like thing is the oil plug which the mechanic will first open. The pan is placed under the plug to catch the old oil. Old oil begins to pour in the pan when the plug is turned. If the plug is tight then the mechanic makes use of wrench

Pouring new oil

Once all the old oil is collected in the pan, it is sent for recycling. In case oil falls on the sides or hands then it can be wiped with the newspaper. The old oil filter is located and unscrewed. In its place, the new oil filter is fixed. The mechanic sees to it that the rubber gasket ring also comes out with the old filter.

The mechanic will first put a tiny amount of new oil in the filter. Once the new oil settles in the filter, new oil is poured slowly and steadily. The cork is then turned till it sits tightly. The job of Toyota Oil Change near Skagit Valley does not take more than a few hours.

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