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Toyota Transmission Repair near Bellingham


Toyota Transmission Repair near Bellingham

Do not postpone Toyota Transmission Repair near Bellingham at Foothills Toyota for your Toyota vehicle. Your vehicle’s transmission system works hand in hand with your vehicle’s engine to send power and torque to the wheels of your vehicle. Therefore, you should do your best to ensure that your vehicle’s transmission system is in good condition at all times. Your vehicle’s transmission fluid plays the very critical role of lubricating the moving parts of the transmission system and also regulating the heat produced by the constant exchanging of gears and the transfer of power and torque.

Detailed Toyota Transmission Repair

With time, transmission fluid starts to disintegrate because of a lot of heat, degradation, friction and oxidation. When this starts to happen, sludge and varnish deposits begin to collect in the transmission system; these deposits make it hard to change gears and also cause overheating. Therefore, you must schedule regular transmission repair to replace old transmission oil and to ensure that all the transmission parts are working as they should.

When you notice the following signs, you should schedule Toyota Transmission Repair near Bellingham as soon as you can: the leaking of red oil under your car, a burning smell inside or outside the car, when the check engine light stays on, grinding and shaking when shifting gears, difficulty shifting gears, a delay in movement after a gear shift, constant clunking, whining, and humming sounds, when the transmission is noisy in neutral, and also when your vehicle jumps or surges for no reason.

High Quality Toyota Transmission Repair near Bellingham

When you bring your vehicle to our dealership, our mechanics will carefully inspect your vehicle’s transmission system to pinpoint all problems that it may have. They will drain old the transmission oil and replace it with new transmission oil. If your vehicle has a computer-controlled transmission, our mechanics will check if the sensors and the solenoid packs are functioning well; if necessary, they will replace those components. In non-computer-controlled cars, our mechanics will check the throttle cable adjustment. Another thing they will address is any leaks that your transmission may have; they will seal all leaks and test run the vehicle to make sure that all leaks are taken care of. In cases of serious transmission damage, they will even overhaul the entire transmission system then repair and rebuild it.

We at Foothills Toyota have certified and trained mechanics that are quite experienced in transmission repair. Therefore, you can rest assured that when you bring your Toyota vehicle to us for Toyota Transmission Repair near Bellingham, it will be in good hands. In addition, we only use original, Toyota-recommended parts and oil products in doing our service, so your vehicle will get only the best. Come to our dealership at 1881 Bouslog Road, Burlington, WA 98233 for more information on these services. You can also call us at 360-757-7575.

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