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Toyota Transmission Repair near Oak Harbor


Toyota Transmission Repair near Oak Harbor

The transmission system in any vehicle is responsible for sending power from the engine to the wheels of the vehicle. This transmission system looks simple in the books but in reality, it is quite complicated. It consists of parts that are visible such as the gearbox and hundreds of parts under the hood that are not visible. Since transmission is the most important component in moving your car forward, repairs or scheduled maintenance should be delayed at any cost.

Since the job is complicated you should take your vehicle to a reliable mechanic only. So if you are looking for Toyota Transmission Repair near Oak Harbor then you should go to Foothills Toyota. This is actually a Toyota showroom that also offers additional services such as repairs and maintenance.

Foothills Toyota has a separate service department with a professional team of mechanics that can repair and service the transmission. You can bring your Toyota to the service department after taking an appointment.

Scheduled maintenance of transmission

In case you have not complained for any repairs, then the mechanic will simply check the transmission and do scheduled maintenance. The valves are checked and so are the cables. The dust is cleaned and the parts are oiled to make the transmission smooth. The gear is checked for any inconsistencies and then serviced. The mechanics use state-of-the-art tools to check the whole transmission system. These tools help them to find any discrepancy quickly.

Transmission Repair

Sometimes you may be experiencing problems such as gear feeling hard or a screeching sound when you shift gear. Cars with a faulty transmission also give suffer from bad fuel efficiency. If you experience any of these problems then you opt for Toyota Transmission Repair near Oak Harbor. All you have to do is tell the fault to the mechanic and they will quickly check the related parts. Repairs are done in double quick tome since the customer's time is valued. The mechanic will also fix any leaks and in case any part is worn out beyond repair then it is replaced with a new part.

The charges for Toyota Transmission Repair near Oak Harbor are quite nominal at Foothills Toyota. You also get a printed invoice after the transmission repair job is completed. Because of quality service, customers from nearby areas such as Mt. Vernon, Anacortes and Oak Harbor also come to the showroom.

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