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Toyota Transmission Repair near Skagit Valley


Toyota Transmission Repair near Skagit Valley

Every vehicle has a transmission system whose role is to transfer power generated from the engine to the wheels of the car. The transmission system is complex and consists of many parts. Most of the parts are under the hood and the visible parts are the gearbox and clutch.

There may be a time when there could be a problem in a part of the transmission system. For example, the gearbox may not be smooth or there could be some noise from under the hood or the clutch plate has undergone too much wear and tear.

Whatever might be the case, you should not avoid transmission repair for long. Since the job is complicated you should give your car to an expert mechanic. So if you are looking for reliable Toyota Transmission Repair near Skagit Valley then the best workshop to go is Foothills Toyota. There is also a full-fledged showroom with a massive inventory of Toyota vehicles on display.

Solving the problem

You can let the mechanic at Foothills Toyota know of the problem you are facing. Based in your input the specialist will check the relative transmission parts. They makes use of the latest tools and equipment to get to the root of the problem and solve it. For example, there could be delayed response in the manual or automatic transmission. This is mostly due to the damaged or worn out clutch plate that needs to be replaced.

Unusual sounds in the transmission system

There could be unusual sounds in the transmission system such as humming and clunking. This normally indicates that there is friction between some parts. The mechanic will clean these parts and oil them. Toyota Transmission Repair near Skagit Valley also includes checking for any leaks and patching them with a special sealant.

In case there is a burning smell coming from the system then the problematic part is detected soon and repaired. Transmission fluid levels are also checked and replenished if necessary.

In case the car is shaking then there is probably a problem with the gearbox. In case of automatic transmission there will be a feeling of a wiggle. The mechanic, in this case fixes the gearbox mechanism.

Foothills Toyota service department specializes in Toyota Transmission Repair near Skagit Valley. It also caters to customers in nearby cities such as Ferndale, Lynnwood, Marysville and Mountlake Terrace.

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