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Toyota Tune-Up near Skagit Valley


Toyota Tune-Up near Skagit Valley

Tune-up in a vehicle refers to the scheduled maintenance tasks such as checking and replenishing oil levels, tire pressure and seeing to it that all the parts are working in perfect co-ordination with each other. The job is best left to a skilful mechanic as they knows it like a back of his hand.

So if you are looking for reliable Toyota Tune-Up near Skagit Valley then you can visit the Foothills Toyota service department. These is also a showroom with a massive inventory of the latest and not so latest Toyota vehicles. The charges for tune-up are reasonable and the mechanics do a fine job. You will get your Toyota back on the same day evening.

Tasks involved in Toyota tune-Up

You can get an appointment for tune-up by dialing 360-757-7575. Once you bring your Toyota on the given date and time, the mechanic will begin the tune-up job. First they will check the engine and the oil level. If it is less or the quality has gone bad then it is replaced with new oil. All safety precautions are followed by professional mechanic during the job.

Next in line is checking the brakes. Brake oil is also replaced if need be. The brake pads are checked for worn out issues and replaced if need be. Your vehicle is also cleaned thoroughly from inside and outside. Tire pressure is checked and so is the condition of the threading on the tires.

Fluid check

Toyota Tune-Up near Skagit Valley also includes checking of all fluid levels such as transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid and fluid in the anti-freeze compartment. The air-condition is also checked for optimum cooling. If the level of coolant has gone down then it is dutifully refilled. Next in line is the checking of transmission parts such as gearbox and clutch. The clutch plate is checked. The underlying cables are checked as well and they are cleaned if too much dust has settled on them.

The car's battery is checked for corrosion. Water levels are checked in all the terminals and water is filled if there is less water.

Foothills Toyota offers complete Toyota Tune-Up near Skagit Valley. The service of the mechanics is so good that customers from nearby cities such as Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood and Whidbey Island also get their Toyota vehicle tuned-up here.

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