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Transmission Repair near Anacortes


Transmission Repair near Anacortes

With each year of use, the transmission of your car goes through a lot. There may come a time when your manual transmission refuses to switch into the correct gear. Imagine that you approach a red traffic light and come to a stop. Everything seems fine, but as soon as the light turns green and you try and shift into first gear – nothing.

You are stuck there. If this happens to you, it is time to stop by Foothills Toyota. Our technicians will examine your vehicle and perform Transmission Repair near Anacortes. With our help, you will be able to shift into high gear and drive back on the road.

Transmission Repair

When you stop by to receive Transmission Repair near Anacortes, our technicians will also check to make sure that your transmission fluid levels are where they ought to be. Transmission fluid is supposed to be a sweet-smelling, red liquid. However, if you begin to smell something burning, it may be that the transmission is overheating due to low fluid levels.

The transmission fluid acts as a lubricant for this part of the vehicle, but it also keeps the transmission cool. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your vehicle does not have any leaks and replace the transmission fluid as needed.

See Us for a Transmission Repair near Anacortes

If your vehicle's transmission is working as it should, then it will remain in whichever gear you have put it in. However, if there is a malfunction with this part of the car, then you could be casually driving down the road one day and suddenly slip back into neutral – potentially putting you and your passengers in danger.

Other mechanics may try and pull a fast one over on you – offering parts that are cheaply made and produced out of weak materials. At Foothills Toyota, that is not how we operate. We provide our customers with genuine Toyota parts that are built to perform well with your vehicle. We are trained to know every detail about your vehicle, so we can locate the problem facing your car quickly.

While we work on your vehicle, feel free to browse through our inventory of new and used vehicle. We have a variety of Toyota options for you to see if you are thinking about allowing yourself to enjoy an automotive upgrade.

Foothills Toyota is conveniently located at 1881 Bouslog Road, Burlington, WA 98233. You can stop by to schedule an appointment in person for Transmission Repair near Anacortes. You could also call us at 360-757-7575.

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